OFFICIAL The official release of MC-Admins

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MC-Admins is now officially released. This does not mean that everything is perfect (paid resources don't really work yet), but we are publicly available now.
Khrystyian and Mark were already able to get early access. Make sure to check their threads under "Advertisements" out. (Hypixel SkyBlock setup - Khrystyian and DonationStore - Mark).

Make sure to join our Discord too.

- Ryder and the AdminHub/MC-Admins team.

OFFICIAL MC-Admins Rules

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DISCLAIMER: We ("MC-Admins", "Admin Hub", "RyderG Network", "RGN", "MC Admins", this site) reserve the right to suspend anyone's access to this service at any time, for any reason, for any duration. We may also not be held liable for any content you encounter on this site. We try our best to moderate the site, however you may come across posts that have not been yet reviewed. Please report those using the "report" feature. We are not affiliated with the sellers or buyers on this service or Mojang in any way. Further, please refrain from wasting the time of our staff members. Anything that we consider "drama making" or "crying" could result in a termination of your account - with or without blacklisting). Example: "I'm gonna tell my dad to sue you!!!" or any unproven accusations.

- Treat others like you want to be treated - Any disrespect or toxicity is not permitted
- Use common sense - Do not start with "but **** isn't a swearword", we...