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Solace SMP, A vanilla server for mature players (17+ Only)


New Member
Aug 13, 2020
Are you looking for a whitelisted vanilla survival server with a small and actively engaged community? If so, Solace SMP is the place for you. We have an active membership of 15-20 players and are looking for more dedicated individuals such as yourself to come and join our community.

Solace SMP has been running since May 2020, and so far we have a greatly developed spawn region with a trust-based diamond economy; events area and weekly challenges through the scoreboard function.

Plugin and Datapack Information:

We use some QoL datapacks and plugins. These modifications are intended only to improve your experience playing vanilla, and not change that experience in any fundamental sense.

• Multiplayer Sleep by Vanilla Tweaks. - This means only 1 player is required to sleep in a bed to skip night.
• More Mob Heads. - A fun addition that gives a chance for mobs to drop their heads upon death
• Player Heads. - Similarly to the previous entry, this datapack drops a player's head with who slew them on the lore.
• Armour Stands. - Customisable armour stands that can be used for cosmetic enhancement.
• DiscordSRV. - Integrates Discord functionality into the in-game chat and vice versa.
• DynMap. - Provides an overview of the world.

In addition to these, we also use various plugins to protect builds. These plugins are staff operated and are completely unobtrusive, so no golden shovel business.

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